Solover : The history of the company

Founded in 1976 by Yves VIAL and José DEL CORRAL, SOLOVER is a French family-run company. In the past, Yves VIAL was a precursor in glass recycling, then he succeded in transforming this human adventure into a true industrial story at a national level. SOLOVER ‘s ascension is due to a constant pursuit of innovation linked to its involvement in protecting environment.

Creation of the company VIAL – DEL CORRAL in St Romain-le-Puy (42).

Yves VIAL and José DEL CORRAL engaged their first employees. The company became a Limited Liability Company called SOLOVER.

Creation of the site in Champforgeuil near Chalon-sur-Saône (71)
in order to enlarge the collection area of Solover.

Modernization of the site in Champforgeuil (71).

Creation of the storage facility in Codognan, near Nîmes (30).

Extension of the processing plant in Champforgeuil and acquisition of an optical sorting machine.

Creation of the storage facility in Illzach near Mulhouse (68).

Creation of the storage facility in Montmeyran (26).
A new extension of the site in Champforgeuil (71) and purchase of
optical sorting machines and of machines using Foucault current.

Creation of the storage facility in Monéteau near Auxerre (89).

Creation of the actual factory on a 36.000 m2 ground surface site in St Romain-le-Puy allowing to sort colorless glass from colored glass from 7mm, as well as the extraction of colored vitrocéram glass, thus offering a high quality product to our clients.
The plant becomes Solover’s head office.

The site in St Romain-le-Puy got the environmental certificate ISO 14001 and the certificate CERTIREC for Champforgeuil.

Creation of a new installation in St Romain-le-Puy for double glazing glass processing and fragment sizes crushing into powder.

New modernization of the site in Champforgeuil with the installation of machines sorting glass by colors.

Installation of a machine allowing vitrocéram glass sorting, whatever the color is, on the chain of household glass processing in St Romain-le-Puy.

première usine

1976 St Romain-le-Puy :
first installation

ancienne usine

1980 St Romain-le-Puy :
evolution of the first plant.

nouvelle usine

2002 St Romain-le-Puy :
creation of the actual site

machines tri optique

Machines using Foucault current
in Champforgeuil

machines courant de foucault

Optical sorting machines
in Champforgeuil

Key figures

6 sites in France :
• 4 storage facilities
• 2 processing installations

Processing capacity : 430 000 tons

22 optical sorting machines

35 trucks of 40 tons

27 cranes

10 pneumatic loaders

Staff : 47 people

Sales : 10 millions €/year and a strong investment policy